01. Political analysts are trying to piece together the [sequence] of events which led up to the military coup which has shocked the nation.
02. Protein synthesis is a [sequential] process in which DNA is transformed into protein.
03. String and [sequence] are used interchangeably in molecular biology.
04. Can you remember the [sequence] of events leading up to the murder?
05. A number of [sequences] from the film were edited for television.
06. Jean Kelly's dance [sequence] from the movie "Singing in the Rain" is one of the best known dance numbers in the history of film.
07. The photographer took a [sequence] of photos of a running horse to show that the animal's four feet were indeed all off the ground at one point.
08. The DNA of a human being consists of over 3 billion building blocks whose [sequences] form genes, much in the same way that letters spell a word.
09. My daughter has been rehearsing a dance [sequence] for her school play for the last three weeks.
10. Researchers have identified seven [sequential] steps in the process.
11. The student teacher had to produce a number of [sequenced] lesson plans for her supervisor to evaluate.
12. These ten photos are [sequential], and were taken over a 10-day period.
13. The Book of Genesis in the Bible deals with the [sequence] of creation, as seen by the Christian religion.
14. Researchers at the University of Hong Kong say a new genetic [sequencing] of the SARS virus proves conclusively that it came from animals.
15. The [sequence] of physical development in humans, from lifting the head to taking one's first steps, is a stable, orderly and predictable process.
16. All correspondence is to be filed [sequentially], beginning with that which has been received most recently.
17. Early humans identified [sequences] and repetitions in the world around them, the alternation of day and night, the coming and going of the seasons, etc.
18. Mercury and Mars, as well as our moon, form a family of related planets which experienced similar [sequences] of events in their early histories.
19. A [sequence] of parachute releases allowed the craft to land safely on the surface of the planet.
20. George Morrisey once noted that developing a plan is actually laying out the [sequence] of events that have to occur for you to achieve your goal.
21. John Argenti once remarked that a plan is a list of actions arranged in whatever [sequence] is thought likely to achieve an objective.

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